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What Makes CrossFit Blackbeard Different?

At CrossFit Blackbeard we help each other get to the box on a daily/weekly basis. We make fun of each other, we support each other, we go out together, and we go into the suck together. We are an “OG” CrossFit box. We have no judgement towards anyone regardless of experience, skill, abilities or disabilities. CrossFit has opened many doors for many people, and we are just grateful to be a part something so amazing.


  • Old-School CrossFit gym done right.
  • Workout space to fit up to 24 athletes/class comfortably
  • 4 lifting platforms separated from main floor available during open gym times; 6-9am & 4-8pm.
  • Plenty of equipment to host a class, seminar, competition, as well as all equipment and standards needed to complete any CrossFit Open workout, past or present.
  • 25′ ceilings (ropes, rings)
  • Plenty of outside space for running, sled drags, pushes.
  • Our “Murph-mile” is over a bridge, that’s fun…
  • Central pull-up/squat rig to maximize your workout
  • Plenty of exercise equipment.


  • Qualified and experienced trainers (CrossFit Level I & II trainers)
  • All coaches are certified in CrossFit and have a passion for health & fitness.
  • We have coached members with all levels of ability and backgrounds, including: injuries, youth, small children, obesity, sedentary, pregnancy, special needs (various; autism, stroke, vertigo, paralysis)
  • As well as military personnel, local law enforcement, collegiate-level athletes, high school athletes, and individuals who’ve never exercised a day in their life.
  • Optimal one-on-one time and personalized experience


  • Plenty of class times available. See our schedule here!
  • Use of SugarWOD to log your daily workout results, check your progress, & compare to other athletes at the box.
  • Becoming a part of a community creates a more comfortable environment. We will get to know you! But you can still be who you are. We want that, we encourage that. If you’re quiet and want to stay to yourself, do that. If you want to be loud and obnoxious, do that too. All we ask is respect of one another and it becomes a great working environment where anyone form any background or skill level can thrive.
  • Supportive & encouraging atmosphere– see our Success Stories!


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