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Success Stories

Rob Miller

From an athlete who travels frequently & has dropped in to numerous boxes, we are so happy to hear Rob’s positive thoughts on our box!

Brad Rush

As a gym, it’s not often we receive handwritten thank you notes for our service– so we love to share them when we do! It makes us feel great to hear such thoughtful feedback! Brad visited us from Ohio, and loved us so much he sent his friend Dan who visited shortly...

Millicent Brady

Millicent dropped in to Blackbeard for a month while she was in town– we thanked her for coming at the end of her month, and this was her response!

JC Castillo

JC dropped in from out of town and loved our box and coaches so much he vowed to come back the next time he’s in St. Pete!

Michael Dixon

After dropping in to our Mobility class, Michael found his back pain relieved enough to earn first place in a Masters Plus competition several days later! When athletes have pain or injuries, we always encourage them to speak to their physicians or physical therapists before...

Andrew Morcillo

Andrew Morcillo is one of our (awesome) athletes, and his story shares how our athletes support each other. Like Andrew’s grandfather in the picture, we love having friends & family join us to cheer for our athletes! Why go to a traditional gym by yourself and struggle...

Jenny Wade

Since she’s been to many boxes, former athlete Jen Wade reached out to us on LinkedIn to express all the things she thinks Blackbeard is doing right! We have missed Jen since she moved out of state, as she brought an element of “badass” to the box– she is...

Gabe & Kristen Thomas

                We call Gabe & Kristen’s story a success at Blackbeard because when they opened their new juice store Gush in February, they had planned to take a few months’ leave from the box to spend time at their new...

Brianne Curcio

Brianne is another athlete who requested to suspend her membership so she could “try other gyms”– however, she didn’t even leave before realizing Blackbeard is her best bet! Bri felt so encouraged & at home with the other athletes at Blackbeard that...