New to CrossFit? - CrossFit Blackbeard

CALL ROB: (219) 308-5357

4400 34th Street North, Unit K
St. Petersburg, FL 33714

New to CrossFit?

You’ve come to the right place! Blackbeard is the superior CrossFit of St. Petersburg with the friendliest coaches and members!

Options for getting started:

  1. Join us for any of our class times (only excepting the 9 AM Competition Class on weekdays) to get started.
  2. Want to get your feet wet before jumping right in? Join us for our free introductory class any Saturday at 10 AM!

What does a CrossFit class at Blackbeard look like?

  1. Your coach will review the Workout of the Day (every day is different) before class.
  2. The class will warm up together.
  3. Your coach will review every single movement in the day’s workout with you. Whether you’re new or have experience, practice makes perfect!
  4. Workout!
  5. Cool down.

Why don’t I have to pay for a “Fundamentals” course like at some of the other CrossFit gyms?

Great question! We review all the movements you need to know for every single class, every single day. We won’t charge you to learn everything about CrossFit in a one-week course because we don’t expect you to learn everything in just one week. Your education and learning is ongoing, and so is our commitment to coaching you!

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