FAQ - CrossFit Blackbeard

CALL ROB: (219) 308-5357

4400 34th Street North, Unit K
St. Petersburg, FL 33714


  • Q. Where are you located?

    We are conveniently located off US 19 North in St. Petersburg, FL at 4400 34th St. N (that’s US 19), Unit K. We have more than 5,400 square feet of gym space for our athletes to perform, additional outdoors space for workouts, and an upstairs observation deck!
  • Q. Why CrossFit Blackbeard?

    Our trainers at CrossFit Blackbeard have years of experience in athletics, weight lifting, and education in exercise science. CrossFit Blackbeard offers equipment, workouts, and group training to build a cohesive fitness regimen.
  • Q. Where can I learn more about CrossFit, the sport of fitness?

    Visit www.CrossFit.com to learn more. Watch videos, understand the movements and lingo, and keep up with events and workouts.
  • Q. Why does your gym cost more compared to traditional gyms?

    CrossFit Blackbeard offers one-on-one and group training for daily workouts with a CrossFit-certified trainer (and we are still the least expensive box in St. Pete!). You can go to a traditional gym and lift weights for several months and see no improvements, or you can sign up for CrossFit and see results.
  • Q. How can I find out if I like your gym before signing up for a membership?

    We have free introductory workouts Saturdays at 10 AM to see what CrossFit is all about!
  • Q. Do I have to be in shape to do CrossFit?

    No! Don’t let the videos that you see on YouTube make you think any differently. We can scale any exercise to the ability level of any person.
  • Q. If I have a chronic or existing injury, can I do CrossFit?

    Yes. CrossFit workouts are scaled to the ability of any athlete. If an athlete is unable to perform a movement, our coaches will modify the workout to meet his or her abilities. Modifications build strength in other areas so improvements can be made in form and function despite the injury. However, we always encourage athletes to discuss their injury or illness with their physician before proceeding.
  • Q. Is it okay if I already have a background in lifting or athletics?

  • Q. Why doesn’t your gym follow the daily workouts on www.CrossFit.com?

    Rob, our Level 2 trainer, programs the daily workouts according to the strengths and weaknesses of our members.
  • Q. What is ”open gym?

    Open gym is a scheduled time during which athletes can work on whatever they choose-- weightlifting, skills, etc.
  • Q. What is Saturday Barbell Club?

    Barbell Club is offered every Saturday at 8 AM and Wednesday at 6:30 PM and is open to all Blackbeard members. It is an hour-long opportunity to make improvements in strength and weightlifting technique with the guidance of our certified coaches.
  • Q. Does your gym compete?

    Yes. We encourage members to register for CrossFit competitions through CrossFit Blackbeard, and participate in all other kinds of competitions: marathons, triathlons, 5- and 10Ks, charity races, obstacle courses races, etc. We love to see our athletes succeed in all arenas!
  • Q. Does your gym offer discounts?

    Yes. We offer a 20% discount for families, students, teachers, military personnel, and first responders. We also offer 20% discounts when memberships are purchased as a 3-month contract. We do have discounts for employee wellness programs. Please call Rob (219-308-5357) for more information.
  • Q. Do you have showers?

    While we do have restrooms, we do not have showers.
  • Q. Can my kids come while I work out?

    We do have a seating area where kids can sit while parents workout. The seating area is unsupervised, but visible from all spaces in the gym.