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Friday 5/17/13

Strength 1) Deadlift- 2×15 Notes: This should be tap-and-go sets. Hands do not come off the bar. Rest only 45-60 sec between sets. Moderate weight. 2.) Bamboo bench press – 2×15 Notes: Moderate weight (you will experience a lot of shake). Rest 60-90 sec between...

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5/15/13 Wednesday

Strength High Bar Back Squat Demo-1×20 Note: Heavy but all 20 reps unbroken. Met-Con Run 400 meters with medicine ball 20/14# Run 400 meters Then 3 Rounds 12 Alt. Pistol Squat 21 Burpee Box Jumps 24″/20″ Then Run 400 meters Run 400m with with medicine ball 20/14#...