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Nice work to Ray and Adam!

Great work to Ray and Adam for finishing first in today’s Saturday Partner WOD!

Paleo Potluck!

It is time for our first Paleo Potluck!! Bring a friend and your favorite Paleo, healthy, or “healthy” dish to share with everyone. We have a sheet on the bulletin board at the box to help balance the apps, meals, and desserts so please sign up there. Please bring the...

Saturday, 5/18/13

Warm up Dodgeball Met Con (Modeled after Sunday’s Regional Games event) Partner WOD for time: 100 double unders 50 HSPU (partner must hold handstand) 40 toes-to-bar (partner must hang from bar) 30 shoulder-to-overhead (partner must hold overhead position) 90ft walking lunge...

Friday 5/17/13

Strength 1) Deadlift- 2×15 Notes: This should be tap-and-go sets. Hands do not come off the bar. Rest only 45-60 sec between sets. Moderate weight. 2.) Bamboo bench press – 2×15 Notes: Moderate weight (you will experience a lot of shake). Rest 60-90 sec between...

Stay Tuned!

Stay tuned for updates regarding our Paleo Potluck and information about upcoming competitions!

5/15/13 Wednesday

Strength High Bar Back Squat Demo-1×20 Note: Heavy but all 20 reps unbroken. Met-Con Run 400 meters with medicine ball 20/14# Run 400 meters Then 3 Rounds 12 Alt. Pistol Squat 21 Burpee Box Jumps 24″/20″ Then Run 400 meters Run 400m with with medicine ball 20/14#...