About Blackbeard - CrossFit Blackbeard

CALL ROB: (219) 308-5357

4400 34th Street North, Unit K
St. Petersburg, FL 33714

About Blackbeard

Facility features

  • World-class fitness facility with exercise equipment from the highest-quality manufacturers
  • 5,500 square feet of exercise space
  • 25″ ceilings (exceeds rope-ascent standards)
  • Observation deck for mobility/warm-up and spectating
  • Central pull-up/squat rig to maximize your workout
  • Plenty of exercise equipment, so you’re not waiting in line to workout!
  • We regularly purchase new kinds of equipment to keep your workout varied!


  • Qualified and experienced trainers (most of our trainers have degrees in Exercise Science & Physical Education in addition to CrossFit certifications)
  • Optimal one-on-one time and personalized experience
  • Extensive internships for new coaches


  • More classes every day than any other box in St. Pete! See our schedule here!
  • Whiteboard app: log your daily workout results, check your progress, & compare to other athletes at the box!
  • Supportive & encouraging atmosphere– see our Success Stories!