4/1/13, Monday - CrossFit Blackbeard

CALL ROB: (219) 308-5357

4400 34th Street North, Unit K
St. Petersburg, FL 33714

4/1/13, Monday

May 14, 2013

BB Gymnastics

Snatch (full squat) EMOM for 6 minutes at 80% of 1RM Slow Motion Demo

(Then rest 1 minute)

EMOM for 3 minutes 1 max snatch (full squat) attempt


Met Con


Clean Squat 225/115


Note: Scaling for muscle-ups will be pull-ups/diamond push-ups x 3

Donny Shankle is Bigger Than You – 200kg PR Hang Clean

Jon North vs Spencer Moorman at Cali Strength


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